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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Trying to Beat the Heat

It's been HOT here! All week our temperatures are 100+. I've been trying to stay indoors as much as possible and not run any errands either. It's been rough as I've had to go to work for the past 5 days.

In my spare time I've been knitting on my Koigu shawl. I had to rewrite the pattern as I needed the center section graphed out and she didn't provide it. It's going pretty good now, I'm working my first color change sequence. :) I don't know if I'll have enough of the first color of yarn (small ball on the left) to do all the color change sequences or not, I'll just play it by ear. :)

Here is a close up of the shawl so far. It's hard to tell without blocking, but I think it's coming along okay.

I am going to make an exception of no errand running to go out and see my 4 year old nephew S.T. at his karate lesson. It's sure to be an enjoyable experience. I'll be watching him with my SIL and my 1 year old niece S.K.

On a health front (don't bother reading any more if you don't want). :) My blood work last week showed an elevation in my insulin levels (3 time normal). My blood sugar levels on the other hand are okay. My doctor thinks there may be a benign (non-cancerous) tumor on my pancreas that is excreting the extra insulin. It would explain why I have hypoglycemia, can't lose weight, am tired all the time and various other problems. My doctor's office is supposed to get me an appointment with an endocrinologist within 4 weeks and order a CT scan to see if I indeed have a tumor. Actually, I'm kind of hoping for one. It would explain SOOOOOO many health problems that I've had since puberty. I'm not looking forward to abdominal surgery mind you, but being off work for 6 weeks would be nice.

Well, I'm off to do a little picking up before heading out to karate. Current temp. is 103 with a heat index of 106. Thank God for air conditioning.


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