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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Saturday

Today was a wonderful day spent with friends, knitter and non-knitter alike. :) We met, we talked, we knit, we talked, and then we talked some more. We are now all caught up with each other's lives. Our non-knitter friend, (Tammy) needed to go home and cook hubbie a last home-cooked meal before he left for a 4 day trip as an airline pilot for SouthWest. That left Ann and I to go to lunch by ourselves and head over to the LYS as they were having a big sale. After a good long lunch with, of course, more talk we headed to the sale.

We both ended up with a skein each of Noro silk garden, and then Ann also purchased some
baby Alpaca which has been calling her name and been fondled every time we go to the LYS. I got some bamboo size US1 dpns, and some new sock yarn. It's called Paca Peds and as you can see by the picture I've already balled the yarn up and it is ready to be knit. I'm going to try it on the new dpns. I'm going to use Judy's Magic Cast-On and do them toe up using the Crazy Heel and Toe technique for the heel.

Of course none of the yarn we purchased was on sale. :)

I have done some knitting on the Koigu shawl, sorry no pics today. I've changed to my 2nd skein of yarn after blending it in and I had about 18" remaining of the 1st skein of yarn. :) I've developed a rhythm now and I'm enjoying the process. I'm just about to start row 30, which means I've reduced the number of stitches per row from 401 to a mere 375. :) It will be a long project, but that's okay as I'm currently in menopause, I don't really need a shawl with all my own power surges keeping me warm. :)

I hope everyone stays cool in all this heat. It's about 104 here not counting the heat index. I'm going to go put my feet up in my chair, sip some iced sweet tea and practice knitting on dpns while hubbie watches Omen. :)


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