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Friday, July 13, 2007

Famous Sock Pictures and More

I thought I'd post pictures of my hand knit socks. Of course I have my famous loom knit socks that appeared on the Knitty Gritty episode with Isela Phelps (Purling Sprite). The gray sock (3rd from left) was Isela's design, and also appeared in her Loom Knitting Primer book. The remaining 3 socks are my original design. Since there aren't any patterns out for loom knit socks I made up my own. :) All 4 socks were knit on an EFG sock loom from Decor Accents.

I also have some needle knit socks that I've made.

I prefer to needle knit socks using the Magic Loop technique and knitting 2 socks toe up using Queen Kahuna's Crazy Toe & Heel book. I really like knitting socks as they are very portable, colorful, and who can't use another pair of socks. :)

I've recently started my first lace project with lace weight yarn. I've signed up for the Mystery Stole 3 project, but she doesn't recommend that pattern for beginning lace knitters. So I'm knitting Charlotte's Easy Lace Shawl by Lily Chin. I haven't decided if I like lace knitting or not, I'll keep you posted. :)

I've also started the sampler from the Sweater Workshop book. My friend Ann and I want to knit sweaters in the round (no seaming) that fit. She ordered her book and will be getting started when she receives it. The sampler is knitting up very quickly with worsted weight yarn as opposed to my lace shawl or my current pair of socks on the needle. :) I really want to make some cardigan sweaters, and maybe a wallaby for me. My first sweater will be for my 4 year old nephew S. His favorite color is orange, so I got some UT orange yarn. I figure it will go quickly as it will be small, and if I make a mistake, he won't care. :)

My friend Ann and I are going to see the new Harry Potter movie in Nashville at the IMAX at Opry Mills. I can't wait. Then I have the last book pre-ordered from Amazon, so it will be delivered about 10am Saturday morning. I'm so glad that I have the weekend off. :) Once I finish it DH will want to read it. I hope he reads it quickly as I'm sure I'll want to talk about it. :)

That should catch everybody up for now. :)


  • At 7/14/2007 2:36 PM, Blogger handknitbyafailedfeminist said…

    Hi, Tracy! Those are some great socks! I have a question for you. A while ago I printed a copy of your project worksheet from the CT&H group, now I can't find it in the files. Was it removed?

  • At 7/14/2007 5:04 PM, Blogger Elysbeth said…

    Great Socks! Thanks for opening my eyes to looms - I've only ever seen the clunky ones.


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