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Monday, November 13, 2006

Loom knitting update ie the saga of the gauntlets

I've been quiet on the blog for so long because I've been trying to create a flip top mitten. I figured if I could get a gauntlet to fit, then I could attach a flip top mitten to it and I'd be a happy camper. So I went searching for a pattern for a loom knit gauntlet. I found several, but they either didn't have a thumb (which I wanted), or they were knit with bulky weight yarn, which I didn't want to use. I wanted to use some of my pretty sock weight yarn.

So, I decided to adjust a pattern I found by Jessica McConnell. I don't remember where I found it, or I'd give you a link to it. Her pattern was for mittens knit flat then seamed together once you were done. Well, I didn't want to make the entire mitten, so I made some adjustments to make it a gauntlet. I also decided that I didn't need to do a gauge swatch. I thought my stitches per inch were the same as what the pattern called for. (Bet you can guess what happened). Yep, WAY TOO small! In fact, it fit my 3 year old nephew pretty well. In my defense since it was being knit flat I didn't know how bad it was till it was WAY too late!

So, for the second gauntlet I determined my gauge from the first gauntlet and tried again. This time was okay, just a little too big. I could probably wear it, but I wasn't happy with it, so I made more adjustments to the pattern and tried again.

The third gauntlet was much better. It actually fits! I still did a bit more tweaking of the pattern for it's mate, but just a little, probably not enough that anyone but me will notice. The mate is still on the loom and when it is finished I'm going to attempt to put the flip-top mitten on. :)

Here are all 3 gauntlets in order of creation:

Here is the 3rd gauntlet. Notice how it is a little baggy above the wrist? I moved my increase stitches on my 4th gauntlet and I hope that takes care of the baggy part. :)


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