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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

1st sock of 3rd pair completed

This the finished sock.  This sock is made from Knit Picks Simply Stripes yarn.  I knit 20 rows of K2P2 ribbing, 45 additional rows till I reached the heel, knit a garter stitch heel, 70 more rows till I reached the toe, then I knit the toe and sewed it together with the Kitchener stitch.  I can't wait till cold weather so I can test all these socks out.  Right now in TN it is getting into the 90's during the day, and if we're lucky dropping to low 70's at night.  So bare feet are the way to go right now.  Besides with my own personal summers (isn't getting older grand) I want to stay as cool as possible. :)
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